Guangdong International Volunteer Expatriate Service


GIVES volunteers 

are the hands that touch the local community and work the machines of social change. 

Our volunteers do a variety of jobs from holding orphaned babies to investigating funding proposals to designing web pages. In fact, all of GIVES' staff is voluntary, from our board of directors to our office interns. GIVES always welcomes committed new volunteers for a variety of jobs

Project Volunteering

Volunteers who work directly with individual projects are reliable and committed. They use their personal time and energy getting their hands dirty for the benefit of Guangdong's needy. Most GIVES volunteers at all levels also volunteer with one or more project. Project volunteers do a variety of jobs such as playing with handicapped children, teaching English classes to doctors, and visiting leprosy sufferers. They work with the handicapped, orphans, the elderly, AIDS sufferers, the poor, and hospital patients. GIVES has regular volunteer opportunities but also enjoys working with creative volunteers who can use their special skills to generate new volunteer projects that can make a difference.

Leadership / Project Management

The members of the GIVES Board of Directors, Executive Committee, and Project Management Team are all committed and responsible members of the expat community in Guangzhou. Many have a professional background that enhances their work. The Board of Directors makes decisions about how financial and volunteer resources should be allocated to the needy of Guangdong. The Executive Committee oversees the efficient generation and management of GIVES resources. Project Managers work directly with local partners and volunteers to get the work done. Leaders and Managers should be committed and reliable individuals who want to make a long term impact on China's needy.

Administrative Support

GIVES' support staff are professional and diligent. They work carry out the exceptional and day-to-day responsibilities that are vital for GIVES to operate. Internal Support Staff members are both expats and locals but all work voluntarily. Internal Support Staff create GIVES publicity (newsletters, videos, presentations), handle correspondence, manage records, and translate documents. GIVES looks for professionals and non-professionals who can commit to getting important work done in a timely manner and to working closely with GIVES leaders, managers, and volunteers.

Get involved! 

Making a difference with GIVES is as easy as 1-2-3.

Going through these three easy steps can help you to get involved quickly and efficiently

Step 2: PLAN

Nobody sends their resume to a company and then asks them what they can do. In the same way, GIVES volunteers should know what their strengths are and what kind of work they'd like to be involved in. Think about whether you'd rather work in the field as a project manager/volunteer or if you'd rather help make it all happen through administrative support. Do you have computer skills, language skills, volunteer experience, or work experience? You may even have a novel idea for a new project GIVES can work on or job that needs to be done. The sections Volunteers and Projects may give you some ideas about areas that you can get involved in.

Step 1: READ

Before you volunteer with GIVES you should know who you're getting involved with. Learn about GIVES' history and leadership, and read about the types of volunteers in GIVES Volunteers.

Step 3: APPLY

Once you've read up on GIVES and planned out how you'd like to get involved, pleaes fill in and sumbit the "Volunteer Application Form" below. The Volunteer Application Form is meant to help us get to know something about your abilities and experience and to begin the dialogue on how you can fit into GIVES. Feel free to send any other questions or ideas you have with your application form. We always try to respond as soon as possible but please be understanding of vacation schedules, family needs, and work constraints that may delay our response. We are ALL volunteers too!

Volunteer Application Form
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If PRC, please state if you have any foreign passport holder in your immediate family or other relationship/ friendship with overseas


Regular - able to help regularly (but not full time), longer term commitment


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