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The Guangdong International Volunteer Expatriate Service (GIVES) is a Guangdong Province based organization formed in 1995. It is a community service platform representing the friendship and support of many expatriates from different countries who are living and working in Guangdong province.

GIVES has provided support in the education, medical, rehabilitation, orphanage and elderly care sectors. Since 2008, GIVES has been dedicated to bringing about an awareness of autism in China. Through financial and volunteer support. GIVES aims to provide relief and support for children and families.



Why gives to GIVES?

The fund collected will be used to support GIVES works in empowering autism kids, including sport and music therapy, and also to train more people to serve. GIVES is run 100% by volunteers, and 100% of your donation goes directly to causes. And even we 100% run by volunteers, we do have comprehensive financial auditing process which is overseen by the big four accounting firm PWC/ KPMG.

所募集的资金将用于支持GIVES为自闭症儿童赋权的工作,包括运动和音乐疗法,也用于培训更多的志愿者。 GIVES是百分百由志愿者支持,并您所捐献的百分百将直接用于公益事业。 虽然我们100%由志愿者经营,不过我们也有全面的财务审计流程,由四大会计师事务所 - PWC/ KPMG 监督。

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