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2018 GIVES Carnival


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GIVES CARNIVAL – November 10 – Transport Direction

Transportation Instruction to booths and performaners.


VENUE: Guangzhou International Media Port.  Address: 218 Yue Jiang West Road, Guangzhou


a) Metro: Line 3 or APM, Canton Tower Station, Exit B.

b) Bus:  +262468Travel Line 1: Canton Tower West Stop,  204121121ATravel Line 2: ZhujiangDijingyuan Stop


c) Tickets and Entry Pass

Ticket office at East Gate II – next to Exit B, opposite to Exit A of the metro station


1. Performers to pick up the complimentary tickets and vehicle entry pass (with registration) at the ticket office


2. Booth operators to pick up operator pass and vehicle entry pass (with registration) at the ticket office

d) Parking

1. With prior registration numbers submitted, get the vehicle entry pass at ticket office, to park in Guangzhou International Media Port, packing fee refers to fees specified in the carpark..


Trucks for the booths could do unloading and loading at the event site before 9:30am or after 9:00pm. Booth set up time: 8:00am – 10:00am.


2. Without prior registration numbers submitted, parking is not accepted in Media Port, but is available in Cantoon Tower.   Parking fee - refers to fees specified in the carpark.

2018 11 10  GIVES非遗欢乐嘉年华



地点:广州国际媒体港地址: 阅江西路218


1) 地铁



2) 公交车:




3) 领票及商家证工作车证指引:

-地点:国际媒体港  东二门   嘉年华活动售票处(地铁站B出口旁边,A出口对面)


4]  节目表演人员到售票处领取入场票及已登记的工作车证,凭票入场.




5) 停车指引:

1. 提前登记车牌号码的,在东二门售票处领取工作车证,凭工作车证在广州国际媒体港地下停车场停车,具体收费标准请参照停车场收费标准。商家的货车在9点半前可以凭工作车证在活动现场卸货,以及在晚上9点后在现场装货退场。


6]商家入场布展时间800am 1000am


For further enquire, please send E-mail to gives.carnival@qq.com

如有进一步查询,请发电邮至 gives.carnival@qq.com

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